No longer connect with wd my cloud

Since short time I no longer connect with my wd my cloud 3t.
the multicolour led remains white. Resetting doesn’t work either. who will help me to come back to my files.

what are the lights by the network cablr doing?

what reset did you try?

blinks occasionally. have already tried other cable.
With the paper clip 4 press the reset button.

A steady white light could mean your Cloud doesn’t find a connection to the network. Reboot your router for good measure. Then try the power reset process. This will delete your users and access rights, but all share will be left intact with their content, although they will become public shares. Your user wil only be “admin” with a blank password.

How do I do a power reset? got it last 24 hours without power had already

Are you able to open and look at the Dashboard? If you are then you should see this, see image below.

A solid white LED means the device is initializing. See User Manual P. 10 LED’s.

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cat0w (USA)

as far as no I don’t. I have to continue to wait is in image to the message comes up that he is ofline. the white led fire for quite a few days so that’s a very long