No longer can connect to my passworded folder

I have a 2TB world book II blue ring version. It has been working for about 2 years now as a backup for a ton of important data. (stripe mode)  the other day i was copying files to it and it stopped working and gave me a network error. i reset it and it is up and running . I can connect to the web interface and it says drive status is “OK”.

we have a public folder setup and i can connect to that just fine. see and read files just fine. But our other user with all our data is a passworded one, and when i try to connect and put in the username and password same as we have for years now it gives an “unexpected network error” and wont connect.  I even tried changing the password and it doesn’t make a difference. I desperately need to get access back into that folder to get our data out.

i submitted a lengthy and detailed tech support ticket with a picture even and some [deleted] tech support guy named “otto” gave me the dumbest response i have ever seen in all my decades of  computer use…

“I truly apologize for the inconvenience you are currently experiencing. Please make sure that your device is properly plugged in to the wall socket, do not use a surge protector or a wall socket, to ensure that your device is receiving enough power. Also, please download the latest firmware for your drive and reset the unit.”

I was so angry after reading that [deleted] response i could not even bring myself to reply so i figured i would post here.  I mean come on…    “plug it in”    !!!    god i hope that guy doesn’t get paid very much for his job. my luck he probably makes twice my salary…

/rant mode OFF

anyways, any suggestions to fix my problem?


What operating system does your computer run?  Do you access your drive with or without MioNet?  If you access it without MioNet, can you set all your shares back to full access for the “Everyone” user?  Otherwise, I recommend connecting to the drive using MioNet.  MioNet will override all local permissions.