No longer able view admin folder

Hello…I am hoping someone will be able to assist me this.

I am not sure what has changed, but for some reason I am no longer able to view the admin folder (user) from within the my cloud app. This was one of 2 folders I created when I installed the app, along with a “public” folder, which I believe was there by default.

I am trying to better understand what I am missing with goal of relinquishing my other fee-based cloud accounts.

Thanks, in advance, for help and feedback!

Well. . . well. . . . A simple question with a big followup question.

I presume you are using the mycloud app from a phone or tablet. This app usually works ok for me. . . but I admit to not using it often.

First the obvious stuff;

  1. Reboot everything. App on the phone; NAS, your router the NAS is plugged into.
  2. Are you sure the password in the account is correct? Did you used to have access, and now you don’t?
  3. In particular, how long ago did you set this thing up and how long ago did you use it? If I don’t use this stuff for a while (say. . . 6 months), I find I have forgotten stuff and I wind up resetting the application. (delete the NAS from the APP, re-add the device using the NAS)

To your BIGGER question.

The main advantage of the Personal Cloud is that it is YOURS. No reliance on the internet. . .or other companies that can suddenly decide to terminate all service (and all your data). Not to knock the majors (like DropBox; GoogleDrive; MS OneDrive) - - - they provide fine products; but at the end of the day those are BIG COMPANIES that don’t give a rat’s behind about you.

The main disadvantage of the Personal Clould is that it is YOURS. You don’t have the IT department of the BIG COMPANIES to keep the stupid hardware and software up and running.

So for what do I use MY personal cloud device?

  1. Media streaming of MY content within my home. I routinely send movies from my NAS devices (I have more than one WD product - - > Call it a hobby) to either a tablet or Streaming Stick attached to a home theater system. Suuure; Netflix and Amazon Prime are cool. I use them too. But sometimes, I want something specific from my own collection that the majors have stopped showing.

  2. Data backup. The MyCloud devices are fundamentally hard drives attached to my network. I can backup any PC in my home to the drives. Many people have automatic backups setups.

  3. Data storage: Since the MyClouds are harddrives on my network. . .I use them as such. There is zero data on my PC’s. If I want files on a different PC. . . it doesn’t matter. . .I can get to them on the NAS.

As a specific example, I recently had a Win10 update roll through and basically nuke the OS of one of my PC’s. I was fuming, as I had some work I wanted to do with that PC. But at most it was an annoyance, since there was actually no data on the machine, and I was not sweating as I went through the Win10 reinstallation procedure. Meanwhile, I carried on with my work on another machine in the house.

The WD App and Cloud service allows access to most of these features when you are not at home. I have tried the file access. . .it seems to work. Streaming a HD movie to a phone seems to work; but to a hometheater (across the internet) I have seen issues (probably slow router related), and frankly am not impressed. Most of the time; I turn this stuff off because of security concerns. One can have long conversations about the integrity of the WD boxes and sending data across the internet.

Are the fee-based cloud accounts more secure? Start with this question: Where is the data?
So for critical stuff. . . .I would not use that type of stuff. For sharing a few files with friends, yup. They work great.

@Yvette Do you have a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud? The Desktop app still works with the 1st generation but not the 2nd generation.

Are you still able to see it in the Dashboard? The User, admin, will have a checkmark.


Are you able to see that share in File Explorer?

I @cat0w
I am able to view the folder from view you provided.


The firmware version I have is 04.05.00-327 (not sure what generation that equates to).

Where I am NOT able to view the yvette folder noted above as missing is in the WD My Cloud app:


Thank you for your feedback!

@Yvette In the Dashboard under Shares is it set as Public or at least Full Access if Public is turned off?


It does not appear that anything is selected, though not sure if I am reading correctly:


Thank you,


I care it now. The folder in question did not have public access on. Once I changed that I am now able to view it in the app.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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