No list interface when playing music

So after the latest firmware update, there’s no list interface when I’m playing a song.  There’s this picture of a silver CD rom and a scrolling title of what will play next, but there’s no longer any list of all the songs in the album.  I’ve tried going through all the settings in the setup menu, but I can’t get the old interface back. 

To be clear, I’m not talking about the grid vs. mochi interace.

Anyone else having this problem?

Have you tried press the “change view menu” yellow button? 

Same issue here, pressing yellow button doesn’t change anything. This is really annoying now I have to go back to home screen and then press “Now playing” menu item to get the track list.

Hard to figure how anyone would want to look at a static image of anything rather than information pertinent to what the player is doing.  If so, go ahead and allow but please don’t insist we all do it.  Put it back the way it was, which was quite nice.