No letter for my access to datas ! :((

Bonsoir !

My computer was very slow, and I decided to re install it.

I made a back up of my files mon my passport, connected thru USB. I checked that datas were available, I unplugged the disk and start to reinstall.

Later, I came back with my Passport, plug it…and did not get anything. I checked quickly with 2 other computers at home, and got…the same problem.

Pc is running XP, an other one is under vista.

In fact , the system sees the disk (when you use property …  or diskmgt.msc.

I tried an other cable, result unchanged

If I do a removal, it’s ok, and then the system says that a disk is connected now…

Datas lost are very important for me, of course…HELP !!

Thanks in advance


  An other info : when system sees the wd, it does not get a letter for it ! That’s the point !!!

Well if the HDD is seen on disk management you can use a data recovery program. 

This one worked for me. recovery / recovery -software/