No ipad connection with mynet 900

I have 2 ipads, a 3 and and 4, neither will connect to the internet.  They will connect to the router but report that they aren’t connected to the internet, even though everything else is.

I managed after an afternoon to get my internet connection working by reducing the MTU, which also allows both our mac laptops to connect to the net .  But no ipad connection!

Any ideas?

Can you see the available wireless connection from the iPads? 

What iOS are on your iPads? I’ve had trouble with my iPhone 5 once in awhile and resetting the network settings on my iPhone fixes my problem. IMO, apple still has some wifi bugs even with their improved 6.0.2

Yes the connection to the router is working, I can access the dashboard and configure it.  But no internet connection.  Possibly a problem between router and modem?  But the macbooks work ok.

Using ios 6,0,1.

Just downloading iOS 6.1 now and will try again later.

thanks for your interest

Interesting…If you can get to the router but not beyond it, you might want to check the DNS servers your iPads are getting. Make sure they’re not manually entered or if they are, they can be the router’s gateway address or a default DNS server (Ex. Depending on your DNS Relay/Proxy settings you should be getting the same DNS address as your Gateway address (Ex.


DNS is the same as the router

Tried manually setting it to and no joy.

I have gone back to a 2-3 year old airport express and everything works fine.

I must be missing something obvious, but what?

I have just set up a guest network.  No security.  The ipads connect!

So perhaps its the security thats at fault?

Its a slow connection though

Actually the google page opens but nothing else loads, another MTU issue? 

Btw, What FW version are you on? Have you tried a factory reset to see if that works?

Turn autochannel off and set the wifichannel manually.

View the section with sollutions.


When upgrading my iOS devices to 6.1, I no longer had to reset my network settings on my iDevice to get connected to my wireless.

mikeyy - Did upgrading to this version help your connections?