No IP via DHCP, even IP 'by hand' does not give me internet connectivity


although I have DHCP running from my router (which works fine all day every day for 2 laptops and one desktop - from XP over vista to Win 7), my WDTV live is unable to obtain any IP adress automatically (MAC adress filtering is not the problem - the WDTV is hardwired to my router and I explicitely allowed its MAC to the network).

Though that is bad enough, it gets even worse: I have set up an IP address by hand which allows me internal connections to my shares on the various machines (tested and working - not flawless, but ok) … unfortunately the WDTV can still not connect to the internet using my router’s IP for Gateway / DNS (and yea, as you guessed from any other connected thing in the house i can reach the internet).

Am I missing something (e.g. do I have to open a special port on my router-internal firewall or something) ?! Any idea what could be the problem ?!

Any help would be appreciated …