No-IP Setup on WD MyCloud

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I’ve followed the steps here to install noip daemon on MyCloud and I got it working and everything but when I restarted my router to see if the IP on no-ip will change or not it wasn’t changed

Steps I followed were for the user @Limecat

I configured it correctly and it told me actually my correct domain at no-ip
and if I ran pidof noip2 I get it’s pid which means the it’s running

I’m running firmware v3

So any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


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I’m on v4 firmware and using both GoDaddy and FreeDNS updated via python/shell scripts. Not sure about NoIP though I have my netgear router updating it internally.

Perhaps you could try just with plain script

I tested the IP update URL and seems working.

Uh, My mistake 30 in the conf file (interval) meant 30 minutes and not 30 seconds :smiley:
Changed it to 5 and will see how it goes

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling: