No internet access

I can access my MyCloud drive within my home network, but when I view the drive via the UI I see the “No Internet Access” under the Network page. It shows the correct (static) IP address, and other devices on the network have internet access. Needless to say, I can’t access the drive from an external network and wd2go can’t connect.
What to do?

Do you have Cloud Access activated?

I don’t think you can activate Cloud Access without Internet Connection.
Nonetheless, I got it to connect by reverting my drive’s reserved IP address to DHCP.
I’ve been using the reserved address for over a year without problems.
Maybe some WD or Linksys router firmware update caused it to stop working (despite numerous resets).
Anyway, it works now, including Cloud Access, but I’d prefer to use a fixed address. Will experiment later.

You van make aan dhcp reservation in your router. I think that Will do.