No internet access My Cloud 4tb

I have had the My Cloud 4TB NAS box since christmas 2014, recently changed to fibre with Plusnet and purchased a new router, the TP Link W9980.

Can access my files on the network through an android TV box and TP Link homeplugs.  However, when I load the dashboard, it always states “No internet acces” in the status bar.  My router is UPnP enables with the NAS having a static IP address…

What am I doing wrong?

is the static IP appropiate for the new router? since it is a new router it is probably an issue here

I would start be switching to DHCP to get it working, then change back to static

I only changed it to static IP after I purchased the router…

did it work on DHCP? I always suggest a static IP but DHCP is simpler for initial setup and seperate issues

it is probably a router configuration issue but you could try a 4 second reset and posiably a system only restore

Thanks for the reply.  

I’ll revert back to DHCP, as it did work with this, but I set it to static to try and figure out why I kept having buffering issues with my homeplug while watching a movie stream on my android box.

I assumed, having a fibre broadband download speeds of 65mb and homeplugs I wouldn’t have any issues watching streamed movies/music from the My Cloud NAS…seems I was wrong!

I’ll try a system restore first…

what is the homeplug?

what is your upload speed? both rated and measured with somthing like the upload speed is what can limit your remote streaming speeds, I wouln’d even try with mine.

DHCP or staic won’t change the speeds. static will generally be more stable, DHCP will be easier. since it works on DHCP you must have issues with the configuration. Is the address outside of the DHCP pool on the router?

are the subnet mask, DNS server & gateway all correct? you can get these settings by running ipconfig/all in a command prompt on windows PC

I am using the TP-Link AV500 PA411 homeplugs.  I changed to a static IP address thinking it would make the connection more stable, didn’t really think it would change the speed, just to stop the occasional buffering, only seems to happen now and again.

My upload speed when connected directly to the router via ethernet cable is between 14Mbps and 20Mbps, connecting using wireless is roughly between 5Mbps and 10Mbps…using

I used the IP address for the NAS that was assigned by the router, I assumed the DNS server, etc., was correct although I could have been wrong.  The NAS box has been updated with new firmware and is still currently connected to the internet since the reset.

I have run ipconfig/all, how do I tell which is my router settings?

I appreciate your time, thanks.

did you set a static IP in the mycloud? or a reserved IP from the router? if staic in the mycloud you do not want to use the IP that the router assigned as this is definently in the DHCP pool and the router can assign it to somthing else.

you need to check the router configuration or manual to determine what is in and out of the DHCP pool

running ipconfig/all you will see somthing like this, plus a lot of other lines, your numbers will be different. The gateway and DNS server(s) come directly from here, the netmask comes from the subnet mask. you need to find an IP address from your router, in the example below it needs to start 172.20.2 based on the PC IP address and netmask and the last # can’t be 0,1,87 or 255, the 0 & 255 have special meaning and the other 2 are used. it also needs to be outside of your routers DHCP pool and this screen may only show the last digits of the reserved IPs

DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

My IP assignment is done very simply; I use DHCP to establish the IP address for anything new on the network.  Once that’s working, I use my router control panel to set the device IP static, leaving the address assigned by DHCP.  I don’t change IP mode on the device.  The router is smart enough not to give away the now static IP address to another DHCP client device.

Whilst I’m sure this limits the range of IP addresses available to DHCP, it’s a home network, so there are plenty spare; I don’t have IP-connected toaster and fridge…

I just rebooted my NAS from the UI, and it now has a constant flashing white light…UI with chrome now states “page not available”


It would appear I am being a little impatient…it has booted up fine now.  Ooops…*red face*