No internet access issue

I usually access the MBL with my laptop, desktop and Samsung Tablet, but lately I’ve been having problems accessing MBL with both computers. I’m getting the “no internet access” message under the Network tab (Dashboard). I still have perfect access with the Samsung tablet though, no issue there. If I do a reboot on the MBL (Utilities tab - Dashboard) I WILL get access to my files with both computers and tablet, but for some reason after a couple of hours the connection between computers and MBL will get lost (No interent access) and the only way to get access to my files is the tablet, which always works. I can’t do a reboot of the MBL every two hours, I need a permanent solution, I have the latest firmware. Thanks !


Try uninstalling the My Cloud app and then reinstalling it. Also check your router settings to make sure there is no firewall issue.

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