No Internet Access after changing Modem Password

How do i change password to access modem
I recently changed the password on my modem, and now my cloud does not connect to the internet.

I have logged in to my cloud > network and can see no where to change the password.

The My Cloud is not a modem. For specific issues with your broadband/internet modem contact your broadband/internet provider.

Can any device on your local network access the internet after changing the “modem password”? If not then you do not have a My Cloud problem, you have a problem with your broadband modem or router configuration.

If one forgot the password they used to access the My Cloud Dashboard they can perform a 4 second reset which will reset the My Cloud administrator account password back to the default of blank (empty). One would then have to enable the admin password and create a new password to re-enable My Cloud Dashboard login.

How to Reset a My Cloud (single bay) Device

Also, if one changed or reset their broadband router or modem it may have changed the IP address range used on the local network. If one previously used the My Cloud Dashboard to set a static IP address for the My Cloud one may need to check the My Cloud static IP address to ensure it’s still within the range used for the local network by the local network router/modem.

Do you own a modem/router or do you have a modem and a router?

I own my own modem and router. I recently had to buy a new modem because my old one went out but I have no password for the modem. When I was ready to set it up, I had to contact Spectrum, my ISP. When I want to check the status of my modem I use this address, Status,

My Linksys router does have a password for connecting to it and a name and password for each band I connect to.