No Interface with Vizio

I just receives a WD TV Live HD Media Player as a gift. It is really great, also got a Passport with it.

It has Firmware version 1.01.12.

I have 2 TV’s; An old (2005) JVC large tube type HD JVC/1080i I’ARTpro with a single HDMI input which works great.

I also have a newer (2008) VIZIO 39" LCD FHD TV with 2 HDMI inputs.  The media player will not interface with the VIZIO.  The screen displays “reading data” for about 10 seconds then resets to blue.

Any help appreciated.


Instead of using AUTO on the HDMI setting (of the WDTV) try starting at the bottom of the list (1080p/60Hz) and going up.   See if you can find a mode that works well.

Also, you might try updating the firmware to see if the issue is fixed with newer firmware.