No http download app why?

How come there is no http download app. I think that is a must have feature. so I can download without my computer on. Not everything is torrent or ftp.

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@cllo Thanks for your feedback.
“http download” app is not supported on the My Cloud OS 5.

Why is WD removing features? New upgrade must be about adding features and not removing old features.

They remove feature to loose customers :slight_smile: .
With old OS it wasen’t perfect, and now it’s just sh**.
Good by WD, hello sinology…

I have been able to install pyLoad wich is a great http download manager based on python.
First i move /opt in /mnt/HD/HD_a2/opt with a symbolic link.
Then i installed ipkg(for armv7) : wget -O - | sh
dowload pyload last noarch package :
And then install pyload : ipkg install pyload_0.4.20_noarch.ipk

For the moment it seems to work weel.

@htb when do you intent on including support for it so? This was a useful feature that people purchased these devices specifically for, only to have you remove them after the fact with device updates.

Can you provide a date for the rollout of the firmware update that will bring back this feature please?