No hdmi connection to my toshiba tv


my wdtv live works fine with my sony bravia tv, connected via hdmi. So obviously no fault with hdmi, but I just bought a toshiba 19 inch DL502B tv and when I plug the hdmi into this there is nothing , its as if the wdtv live isn’t even there although it is turned on.

Any thoughts on what the problem could be? What I need to check etc?

Thank you

BTW the WDTV will display on the tv when it is connected via composite in and out.

Is your player HDMI output set to auto.
Try setting to 720p.

Have you tried anything else on the HDMI input, just to make sure it works on the TV.
Try both HDMI inputs and if possible try another lead.

Try the NOTE at the Bottom of Page 15 of the User Manual … (Sure it’s for DVI … but the try it anyways)