No Green Light After Power Failure

My brother in-law’s 2 TB My Book Live failed after a lightning strike knocked out his power. It is a model that connects to his network via an Ethernet connector. My guess is that he wasn’t using a surge protector or UPS. I told him I would have a look at it. I removed the disk drive from it and connected it to my PC (Win 7). My PC wasn’t able to read the drive so I used Data Rescue PC3 to recover the files on it. I reformatted the drive and reassembled it. I tried to connect it to my PC through the network but the green light on the front does not light and the install program can’t find the drive. The lights on the Ethernet connector do light up and I can tell that the drive is spinning up. Pressing the reset button doesn’t make any difference. I checked my router status and it does not list the drive as an attached device.

Is there anything else I can try? I formatted the drive as a standard NTFS before installing it. Does it need to be formatted differently? Or has the controller failed and that’s the end of it? Anything else I can check?




By formatting the drive you deleted the OS on the drive. I have never tried recovering from this since it is not supported. Some user have tried and have report that they have succeeded. Lets see if any of those users can share their experience here.