No good Feel ripped off

Hello Guys My name is Ryan… I am new to this site…

I just want to let you all know how i am feeling right now… I just bought this wd my cloud home duo 4tb to replace the one i had that dies also a 4tb wd but not a duo… Thing is the previous model i had was brilliant it had an ethernet port and i was able to stream my media on my blueray drive over the network from my old drive… no issues at all… but this new one i cant do anything with it… when i save my media to it i cant access it from my blue ray player and it does not see it on the network… the connections are no different… But no dashboard no media can be found even when i have put the i.p address in still nothing says error all the time… Also the company i bought it from dont accept returns… Feel ripped of to the max

Sorry to say you have no one to blame for your experience but yourself… If you had visited this forum before you purchased, you would have known the My Cloud Home is not a replacement for your previous My Cloud. It is a completely different product. It is not a NAS, it is a network attached DRIVE. without many of the NAS features. There is even a separate forum for the HOME products (and you did not post this message there, either).You did not do your homework before buying, and the fact you cannot get a refund is not WD’s fault. Check out the HOME forums, you will find you are not the only people with your complaint.

You bought a new device (My Cloud Home) that is not a one to one replacement of the prior device (My Cloud). The two devices ARE NOT the same. Each has a different set of features and capabilities. So much so WD even put together a Support Knowledgebase article covering some of those differences.

If one had used the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to search this subforum and had searched through the dedicated My Cloud Home subforum they’d seem much past complaining about the My Cloud Home and its many issues.

While don’t have a My Cloud Home device, I understand it uses Plex. On the Windows version of the Plex Windows Server it can be configured to run as a DLNA media server (similar to Twonky on the single bay My Cloud units). One should check the settings of Plex on the My Cloud Home to see if there is a similar option.

If you didn’t buy the device direct from WD how would WD be ripping you off if the third party company doesn’t accept returns? Not knowing, understanding or researching a seller’s return policy is typically/generally not the fault of the manufacturer. Rather the fault of the customer who made assumptions or didn’t do research.

Note we are end users such as yourself, not WD employees. Many of us (me included) have various issues and complaints about the My Cloud and My Cloud Home devices. In some cases, with the My Cloud line of devices, there potential workarounds to some or many of those issues/problems. The user manual for the My Cloud Home is available at the WD Support site for anyone who wanted to learn about how that device is setup and operated before they purchased it.

The My Cloud and My Cloud Home line of devices are what they are. In some cases WD absolutely deserves to be blamed (like for the various firmware/Dashboard issues in the single bay My Cloud. In other cases, like the customer not doing research into the product, WD isn’t really to blame.

Chalk this up as a learning experience to do more research, including reading the user manual, on a product next time to see if there are any issues or limitations with it prior to purchasing it.