No Git app for WD MyCloud?

I would like to use my 4TB MyCloud NAS for version control and backup of various software development projects in both Linux and Windows. To date, I have been experimenting with various backup applications under each platform, and happened to notice that Git was once promoted as an approved application for other Western Digital NAS devices. Unfortunately, Git does not show up in the displayed list of available applications for the consumer-grade MyCloud product line. I found the following MyCloud/Git links elsewhere:

Dose anyone know if Git is usable on a personal MyCloud NAS device with firmware level 2.21.126? If so, git might be a good alternative to the rsync approach I have been using so far. Thanks.

Use the forum search feature. magnifying glass icon upper right, as there are a variety of “apps” that other users have created to run on the My Cloud including methods of replacing certain My Cloud OS versions with clean Debian. There are other discussions on alternate backup methods other than Rsync, Safepoint (first gen v4.x firmware) and Backup (second gen v2.x firmware). One such example is using Goodsync.

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