No front LEDs

Hi - I can’t connect my MBL to my MacBook anymore. Previously connected fine. No LEDs showing at all at front of MyBook. Dashboard cannot connect. Home wifi network working fine. Can hear disk turning & yellow light at back of MyBook so not a power supply problem. Have reset several times. If its ‘dead’ is there any way to get the files off it for a fairlyIT naive person? Using MacBook Pro Running OS X El Capitan
Guess I know what I want from Santa now :frowning:

Hi, welcome to the community.

Do you have any other computer that you can try to access the drive? Does the hard drive makes any sound?

Thanks, lluna
Yeah - I can hear the hard drive ‘turning’. No other computer can access the drive, but with a lot of fiddling around I’ve managed to at least access the files. Think I’m going to have to get a new HD, it’s maybe just getting old. Would have to be compatible with time machine & El Cap tho.

Hi Suzanne

I have exactly the same problem with 2TB drive, no front LED’s hard disc constant access but none of my computers or the utilities program can access data. However my WD TV media player can access all files through the TWONKY app and all play ok, likewise I can access all files through TWONKY on my computer. so it may be a My Book Live software problem. But can anyone provide an answer to this??