No files will not play

I have searched and couldnt find the prob. that im experiencing. So…

Im having some issues playing any file (image, video, mp3, ect) from my NAS (synology)

I will enter the  network drives on my WD live plus and i can see all of my files on my NAS, so there’s no prob with my WD live seeing the files.  However, when i try to play any file, nothing happens.  Not even an image (jpg)_ will open.  There’s no error pop up either.

Now, expermenting wtih a pen drive (with a AVI file on it), when i plug it into my WD live, it starts right up and i can play the file with no prob.

So i must be doing something wrong.  Am i playing the files from the wrong area of the interface.  I have noticed that when i try to play, say a video from the NAS, a green dot will appear in front of the file that im trying to play.

Any ideas??

Have you tried playing your files using the media devices option instead of the network option?  I  cannot use the network option but can get videos and photos to play with the media device option.  Still can’t get my itunes to play though, that’s another story…  No expert I am, lol