“No files to restore” issue

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Interesting…so you instructed Passport to do a scheduled backup just before you got a new computer. Were you not previously doing this or did you stop/unplug the device since few years ago. I’m guessing that it was disabled till you chose to re-awaken it for this last backup. You also said the program confirmed the backup.

I’m a recent forum person, using the Passport too. I noticed that when I went into an Explorer review of my files, that the latest ones modified in June do not appear, only for Jan to May, when doing a daily backup. I too am wonder where my June files are.
I have not yet used the Restore function, so I don’t quite know what “no files to restore” message means. You implied that when you went into the Explorer and looked for you newly backed up files, you could not find…Could there be another newly created folder (look at the date) that your files are in. Also, when you try to Restore, do you tell the program what backups you want, or does it choose automatically…what if you only want selected files…

Sophie-1…this is disturbing because we tend to want to rely on this Passport backup.

I’m curious…was not the device normally connected and a daily/weekly plan initiated. Could you open the main panel and look at your schedule and review the front panel that tell when the last and missed backups were done. Does it point to the one you did. You said you initiated a new backup, manually, prior to you new computer but the only file dates showing up are from long ago…strange if periodic backups were normally being done.

In Win Explorer, go to the Passport device. In the upper right corner, there is a search…try typing in a name of one of the files you think should have been backed up. You should be able to use wildcards at the end like mygoodies*…

I’m really new to Passport and have never done a Restore or Manual backup. I’m guessing in Manual, the program starts Now, and uses the files and folders that were identified in you list. I also think it is a backup (where modified dates are check on each file/folder) and if a existing file has a newer date…back it up…if it never existed before in a folder, back it up. I do not think a manual update tells the program to force backup All the files and folders, like when the program was initially set up.

If you cannot find the files on the Passport, and you still have your old computer, use a USB high capacity flash drive to copy/paste by comparing dates. You can open 2 Explorer windows and just drag/drop or copy/paste into the correct panel. Cntl N, will create a 2nd window that you can point to each folder.

I have yet to find an Log file of each backup done that tells which files/folder got backed up or failed and the dates and sizes…posted a forum question…no response

Sophie-1…that’s really too bad. You implied that you Think that when you did the back-up, prior to switching the machine, that everything went fine. Have you reviewed the WD panel that shows the files/folders that got identified for backup and you see the file/folder that you were looking for?

In Win Explorer, go to the Passport device. In the upper right corner, there is a search box…try typing in a name of one of the files you think should have been backed up. You should be able to use wildcards at the end like A_monthly* or maybe A_monthly. I tried this on my 1T device, a Win10 PC, and it found copies of the latest file (with full name) and intermediate files (many dates, modified names) all in multiple folders. No the search does take a long time because of the device size. If you only find files that are really old, then my guess is that your last forced backup did not work…lets hope for the best!

If you do find the files, I’m not exactly sure how to initiate the REstore, especially on the ones with the cryptic names. I know you should be able to drag/drop or copy/paste and rename the file if necessary, with the correct trailing extension.

Great Sophie-1…the main thing was you were able to find the files in the Volume() folder. ??, what process did you find you were doing wrong when you could not initially find, and what different procedure did you initiate… Since your original post, I too have been poking around on the drive and in the Forums.

Since you were trying to access the old backup device from a new machine, there probably some different steps needed for for a WD Restore handshake. I just did an extensive reply to a user who posted under the “External Drives for PC” Forum tab. I mentioned some WD support about Restore on a different Computer…

–Since you were trying to Restore from an previous Backup Schedule associated with another computer, maybe thats the issue. Are you planning on using the existing Passport to Backup your new Computer. This could be interesting. I chatted with WD Support and was told that a single WD App could display more than one Backup Schedule. I happen to have 2 separate devices and plan to set up 2 different schedules. One device backup, even if multiple copies are saved may not be good if that device fails…I know, overkill. For you, loading the WD App from the old device seems straight forward. What I don’t know is how this new App recognizes the previously stored Backup Schedule for the other, such if you want to Restore all the pertinent files/folders or even the ones from History folder. This whole Restore, especially onto a new computer from an older schedule could be tricky…

Hello Sophie-1…I’m glad you had some success on finding/restoring some of your files that you backed-up from you previous computer. However, you said that after reloading the Backup software from the Passport device, you got a message that basically said you “have no backup plan”

  • try and follow this link. https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8636/related/1
  • seems that if you have a true Passport schedule that was done on another PC that you want transferred to a different PC. that it is possible to re-configure the older setup.
  • looks like you go to Restore, see nothing, then attempt to Create a new schedule.
  • you then Select the check box that you want to restore selected files/folders…
  • STOP!..something looks wrong. In the example, all the checked files/folders are restored to the new PC.
  • You really want to setup a backup plan that uses your existing backup configuration that was stored on the Passport device. Something doesn’t make sense.
  • if there is no way to read an existing setup, then you must Create a new backup. However, a new backup setup may not know where to go on the original Passport…I guess, my above link may not work since you really want to interface an existing setup and not restore everything that is checked on a New setup…Confusing…need to poke around, maybe open a forum question. Sorry!