No files on my wd live hub 1 tb

Suddently i can read harddisk 1tb wd blue. no video or pic.shows.

I took the harddisk out and connected to pc via usb cable and load a video and some pictures and put it back in the wd live hub but i can see the movies or pic. I can not see the device in the setup
There are two drev …G and H … G are for the software And H for files

What to do ?

WD TV Live Hub forum is here: WD TV Live Hub Discussions - WD Community

Have you pressed the Red “B” Button on the remote control to select the correct Content Source ? … from memory (haven’t used a WDTV in years) it should be “Local” for content on the Internal HDD.

jeear got it back delete drev via pc og kom back to wd and formatted it everthing good now