No files on my cloud

I just bought a new HDD and installed windows 10 fresh. I went to rretrieve files backed up on my cloud and there was nothing their. Thank God I downloaded and use the WD sync all my files are their and I am just downloading them now to put the files back where they were. PLEASE explain why my files i backup to my loud were no longer their.

Hi there,

Were you able to see the files before installing the operating system again? It would also be good to know the backup software you were using on the computer.

I was using WD Smartware to backup… Also If it was not for me to use the WD Sync which saved me. I would have NO files to restore on the desktop.

What was showing on the SmartWare Retrieve tab?

My desktop hard drive went out a few months back and after having it replaced I had no problem retrieving everything.


Here are some images from my retrieval. It may look different now because of the new firmware.

Well i have a feling everything went over to the WD sync feature since all my files were on the Wd sync backup and not the Smartware backup