No file discrimination in Network Shares

If you select VIDEO in Network Shares, the unit diplays ALL the files. The JPEG’s are shown plus the video thumbmails   Why should the unit display JPEGs when you select VIDEO files? 1st Generation did it right with only the thumbnails. Hoping to see an improvement in future upgrades. Keep up the good work.

I’ve never seen a Samba share in a device like this that could seperate this. I think it has to do with the way Samba works. If you connect a USB drive to the Live, it does seperate them…

I don’t agree, because Samba is just the protocol to mount the shares and access the files. The firmware must provide an intelligent filter that only show the content that I have chosen. In this case I want to see videos so it don’t has to show me JPGs. I have to complain about this missing features, too. One way could be to create a mediadb on the network shares as well like on USB media. If you have write permissions on the network shares, which should be mostly the case, this should be no problem. From my point of view it is a major issue because it limits the general good impression of this gadget. So please WD solve this (hopefully little) issue.