No email notifications

I think what is happening is if I have open and someone post something to one of my watched things I do not get an email

I want/need emails to know if I need to reply to something. The little number by my pic is no help if I am ridding my tractor checking emails

I think (if I am remembering correctly) the Discourse suppress them when the site is physically open and you have actively used it in the last X number of minutes. This is to prevent you from getting an email for every post when you are in the middle of an active discussion. Let me discuss with @Bill_S tomorrow and we can look into this further.

Ah, the days when I used to drive the baler all night long, for days at a time. Nope, I don’t miss getting only 2 hours of sleep a night for weeks at a time.

Sorry, forgot to add that I will look into this.

Here you go. The option is found in your profile preferences.

What a pretty screenshot LOL. I will try that. I am guessing that is my issue as sometimes I come in and there is stuff I should have been notified about but I can’t find the msg in any spam folder. The ones I get never go to spam.

Riding? Guess you were smarter as a kid. I was on the ground throwing the square bales on the trailer.

added— I did not check that box previously because that thing about seen me in 10 minutes threw me. It goes away when you check it. Thanks !