No edit facility?

As a new user of My Book Live, I’ve been delighted with most of its features, but was disappointed that the WD2go app appears to only allow me to read a Word document, rather than to edit it. Am I missing something, or is that the case?

I was hoping to improve on the DocsToGo app I currently use on my iPhone, as I have not been over impressed using that in conjunction with Dropbox. Whilst in WD2go, I can Open files on My Book Live with DocsToGo, but they are marked as Read Only, and I cannot save them back to My Book Live.

What would users advise to edit Word documents stored on My Book Live with an iPhone? 

I’ve come to the same conclusion.  Are we missing something?  I’d like to be able to update my documents and spreadsheets from any device/pc that has that capability.