No DVD playing anymore

I get this message on my screen when I try to play a DVD. file
I get some DVDs. The screen then log "Can not play back the selected file. Refer to the manual for a list of supported file formats’.

This has suddenly come first this worked well, I have all my movies in DVD format on my media server that is also recognized by the WD play.
Even if I use a separate hard drive does not equal to the WDplay
so please help

The WD TV Play doesn’t support DVDs.  No surprise there…

why is this no suprise ??

i don’t understand this

first is whas normaly working the same way

The WD TV Play has NEVER supported DVDs.   I’m not sure why you think it did.

because he played the Video_ts files

i that it whas DVD

they are riped from dvd

which player from WD plays everything ??

No player plays everything.

Only the Live Hub and Live Streaming Media Player play DVDs.

Are you sure you have a WD play. What is the model number?

This is teh backsite of the player

If that photo has your serial number on than it will not be shown.

Just type in the model number.


WD TV @Play

and now i think i have buyd the wrong player
what can i do now is there a WD player what can do this and how can i swap it