"No Drives Attached" AKA "Untitled Drive"

I’m running an wdbacx7500abk on Mac 10.4.6, and the Smartware wasn’t working - it just kept crashing. I went through all of the steps of installing the update, restarting, reconnected etc. etc. 

I could see the drive and all of my data, it just wouldn’t update. 

I think I made a fatal flaw of using the WD Quick Formatter to just reset everything.  NOW it just shows as being untitled, and WD Drive Utilities just tells me to “Attach a Supported Drive” - to be fair, it told me that before I reformatted it…but I’m pretty sure I did something wrong. 

I can still see the drive, I can still move data to it, but I can’t use any of the WD Software. Any thoughts on how I can make it play nice with me?

Try formatting the passport again following the steps from the link below and also be sure uninstall the smartware version that you have and do a installation of the latest version.



The latest version of SmartWare for Mac is not compatible with Tiger.  You may try installing the following version: