No Drive Letter For RAID 1 Volume

I need some help setting up 2 x RE4’s in RAID 1 for Data Storage in a Win 7-64 system that is using a single SSD for the OS.

The two RE4’s have been set up in the option ROM and when the OS completes startup, Rapid Storage Technology indicates that the drives were set up correctly in RAID 1.  The drives have been initialized.  However, the RAID Volume is not being seen by the OS.    

Here’s what I’ve tried:  I right-click on ‘Computer’, left-click on ‘Manage’ which takes me into Computer Management.  I then left-click on disk management which provides a graphic on the right side of the screen of the unallocated RAID volume.   Right-clicking on the unallocated graphic provides the choice of: ‘New Simple Volume’, ‘New Spanned Volume’, ‘New Striped Volume’, ‘New Mirrored Volume’, ‘Properties’, and ‘Help’.

From there, I’m not sure how to proceed.  The graphical representation of the unallocated volume is the RAID Array.  I don’t want to create another RAID 1 Volume.  Do I choose “New Simple Volume” or “New Mirrored Volume” so that I can access the RAID Array as a Drive Letter in ‘Computer’. 

What am I doing incorrectly or omitting?

Thanks for any help,


Did you resolved this issue?