No default music / video / photos location?

Just been playing with my new WDTV Live.  Very impressed, but…

Almost the first thing I notice is that you can’t set a default location for music, videos or photos.  You have to browse to them every time…

What I mean by this… when you click “Music” iin my opinion, it should automatically take you straight in to your music collection without the need to browse through a network share/media server.  I have one place on my network where music is stored and so I don’t really need/want to go through multiple steps every time I want some music on.

I notice an old post about this but it went quiet and not every thinks in a url type way, all I want is a “set as default location”.  Surely this is pretty bog standard functionality???



P.s. apart from that, I love it!!!

[doh… sorry.   Answering the wrong question. :)]

I would like to know if this is possible also. This goes for all of my sections, music, photos, and video. I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to tell the device I just want the one folder that has my music or movies in it. I get all my shared folders under each tab.

 Is the problem the fact that I don’t keep my media files in the “Default” share folders like “My Music” etc ?

I can’t believe this doesn’t bug more people?

It just seems natural to me that when you click on music, your music collection appears?

Come on WD - it’s a tiny feature that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

This functionality was added to the Hub and SMP.

It depends on a media library database for NAS, which would be a pretty substantial addition to the Live / Live+.

So I don’t think I’d hold my breath for the older boxes to get it…