No Dashboard & No ssh

I bought a Mybook Live about a year ago. I set it up and created a user using dashboard. Until now there is no problem.

Now, I couldn’t connect to mybook by using dashboard. I wrote the IP address ( but there is no action on the chrome ! Nothing on the screen ! Although I couldn’t connect it using dashboard, I’m able to see and change documents with my user name and password using finder (I’m using Macbook 10.7.x).

I read many posts regarding on this case and try everything like connect to ssh and firm update or connect petty etc… But nothing. I’m stuck !!! 

Can anyone help me please ?

P.S. : I’m not high level programmer so if you can explain the solutions a little bit more clear (if you have), I’ll be very appreciated.


Since you have access to your data still, I would recommend an advanced RMA with Western Digital. They will send you a working drive then you can just transfer the data from the old drive to the new drive and then send the old drive back to them so they don’t charge your credit card.

With no SSH access you are basically out of luck unless you are a more advanced user and are willing to break your warranty by taking the drive out of the case. And even then, sometimes people run into issues debricking the OS.