No coverart work with older firmware, WHY?

I am using 3.06.14 firmware for live hub tv but the last 2 months I can not add coverart work for any movies.

All I get is a error code so is the function removed. ?

How are you updating your cover art? jpgs with the same name as the movie and in the same folder should show fine. What method are you using to produce the “moviename.jpg” ?


Like I have always have done.

Press “Option” on the remote and select “get content info” from the list.

What happens u get a “no content found” u can then redifine the search but the same happens no content info found.

For movies, the Hub uses’s older API.    TMDB updated their API a few months ago, and WD has not issued new firmware for the Hub to account for it.

The SMP received an update quite a while back, so I’m not sure if the hub ever will.

That was what I was afraid of.

You could use Thumbgen to do it and it’s up to date.

Please explain. ?

where can I find that ?

PC utilities that add xml info and cover art

Great for TV Shows

Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV Shows

Thank you this “wdliveinfo” worked like a dream.

WDTVHubGen is the most aggressive of them all. And updated on regular basis :slight_smile: