'No Content Found' Samsung TV?

Hi, I am new to the forum. bit of a newby after a little help.

i have had my WD mycloud HD for a couple of years for backing stuff up. i can access it fine through laptop. app on iphone.
recently brought a Samsung 8000 series tv. after first install the tv recognised the drive and allowed me to access everything on it. I couldn’t have been happier with the situation.
As of the past week the tv recognises the HD accesses it, but just says - no content found…
any ideas peeps? any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. very in-depth. sadly its a bit out of my league. gutted. gonna have to transfer the files on to a hard drive and connect via usb. if only it was a simple fix.

It’s not that hard. Just take it slowly, and read carefully. You don’t have to follow everything on the FAQ.

If all you want is a simple, all media types library, just make sure the media server is turned on, and media streaming is enabled on the appropriate Share:

Q. How do I start the Twonky Media Server?

You don’t even need to access the Twonky UI, although that is helpful to find out what is going on, and see what it thinks its library contains.

It’s possible that the library has become corrupt. The easiest way to rebuild is to turn the DLNA media server off, and then back on again. Or see:

Q. How do I clear Twonky’s database and start again?

I would also try using a different UPnP/DLNA app to see if you can access the Twonky server: install an app on a smartphone or tablet; there are dozens to choose from.

Hi there,

I had the same problem as you with my tv from the 8000 series. Iv only just signed up to this forum just now. Iv managed to fix the problem thanks to CPT_Paranoia, Big up yourself (thumbs up). Hopefully it might just be that your media streaming is turned off.

So what you need to do is Access your WD My Cloud and go to the Settings>Media, Media streaming and turn this function ON. When I did this I was able to access my WD cloud on my Tv again with all the content I left on there. I hope this helps.

Hi dartzkid, thanks for taking the time to reply. I not done anything with this in months as my works pc is locked so unable to connect to the wd my cloud. but just borrowed a laptop.
i can connect through lan to the HD. via the IP address. page is titled twonky. under the settings tab, all i have to chose from is status / setup / sharing / aggregation / advanced / online services.
i have been in to each and there is no check box for turing media streaming on?
in the sharing tab, the box is checked for sharig all folders.
in the media receivers, my two samsung tvs and this laptop are listed and boxes are checked.

one thing that is weird on this twonky page, when i toggle across the tabs - video / music / photo. nothing is displayed? should it be showing all my content? if i log in though windows explorer to the wd my drive all my content is there

any ideas?

thanks for your help.



Have you read the MyCloud User Manual? This will tell you how to access the Dashboard, the MyCloud’s control panel. It will also tell you how to use the Dashboard to control all aspects of the MyCloud.

Have you read the second Q in the FAQ? If you don’t want to read the User Manual, this will tell you how to use the Dashboard to turn on the Twonky media server:

Q. How do I start the Twonky Media Server?
A: You need to set two controls in the Dashboard:

Really: read the User Manual. Read the Twonky FAQ. Slowly. Then follow the instructions.

Thanks so much for your FAQ! My MyCloud settings were right but when I went to the Twonky page ( …:9000) I saw that the sharing folder was blank. I typed in \Public and it started working. Thanks!