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After an firmware update I cannot connect to my NAS. When I reboot the nas I can hear that it doest strart up and it starts with the blue light in the front of the NAS. Now after approx. 10 secs this blue light turns yellow. And now I cant even find the NAS in my router.

I tried to reset my router, and the NAS, with no luck, still the same issue, even tried to connect it directly to my PC using the net cable that I use to connect from my PC to router.

What can I do?

¨Ty in advance

You will need to setup an RMA to get the device replaced. There have been several reports of this happening to people.

I was able to use nfo’s guide to unbrick mine when that happened. It means it gets stuck during boot. Restoring the firmware fixed it. Of course, if you do not have access to an appropriate linux box to do the debrickification on, RMA is really the only other option.