No Connection to WD2Go/WDPhotos

I have MyBook Live.  It works fine as a network drive and media server.  Problem is that the drive cannot make a connection to Wd2Go and WDPhotos.  I disabled all security on the router and put in DMZ still with same problem.  I have a Linksys E4200 router.  I swapped to WRT54G and WD2Go and WDPhoto works fine if I use that.  

I am trying to troubleshoot the connection for these services.  I log into SSH and and ping all day long.  I also get email notifications from the drive without issue.  I updated all firmware (router and drive) with same result.

Any ideas about how I can identify port or protocol that is being blocked?


Turn “upnp” setting off in your router, its work for me.

That did it!  I greatly appreciate the advice.  Never would have caught that.