No connection to MyBook-HELP

Ever since I baught my 250 GB external Book, I’ve needed to unpluck whenever I would turn on my computer.

Then the other day, when I plucked it back in,- nothing happened. My Vista just gives a pop-up that says that the device has malfunctioned and that I should try another usb-port. I’ve tried that, and I’ve tried with another computer and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do…

Does anyone have any solutions that doesn’t involve me taking it apart or anything???

Please help me,- I have my whole life on my external seeing as the computer is my dads.

By unpluck, do you mean unplug the usb cord?

Your saying that when you turn on your computer with your external drive hooked up, and you connect to the internet, your My Book gets an error message and will not allow you to access it?

Have you been using the “safely remove hardware” , down by your clock, before you unplug your My Book?

Not using that feature can corrupt the connection, although usually a reboot, with the external unconncted, fixes that issue.

What I dont understand is why your external hard drive is connected to your computers internet connection?

Is this something in the way you installed it?

My 500 gig My Book  (K: drive) has nothing to do with my internet connection, so I dont really understand your question…although I would like to help.

Perhaps if you explained a bit more…?


Here’s how I fixed my 'MyPassport Essential" portable HD issue…

After seeing probably a THOUSAND posts on the net regarding all of these issues related to users not being able to “see” the portable hard drive… (and it infuriates me to see all of this on WD’s site with NO ANSWER FROM WD!)  Here’s what I did…

Set my $100 MY Passport on a hard surface (I used the garage floor)

Found the largest hammer I could find (16 pound sledge hammer)


Went to Fry’s…

Bought an iomega drive.

Plugged it in…


Western Digital - ARE YOU LISTENING!?!?!?!?!!?  I will NEVER - EVER - buy another WD product again for as long as I live!

Please post snot-beating video on YouTube. I’d love to see that (I’ve been tempted to do the same thing)

Yeah, please… if you taped it and publish it better send the link to the WD staff…

By the way I also had trouble with Iomegas and LaCies… so what’s is left for me now?

External Seagate, Verbatim, Samsung maybe?

My hope lies in korean or chinese brands… maybe they will learn from the mistakes of other Western Digital manufacturers.

All the pest!  :robotindifferent: