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Hi everyone i hope someone can help i have a couple of questions i have recently got a 8tb mirror mycloud its all set us shares work fine. i can access everything on from my friends pc and works pc but from my pc it just says mycloud mirror offline when i log in. i am totally confused my ports are forwarding as i can access from my friends i have disabled my fire walls and my anti virus but i still cant connect from my pc any help would be appreciated thanks

Hi there,

Try to disable cloud access from the dashboard and restart the device, the re-enable cloud access to see if this helps.

hi thanks for the reply that does nothing my internet is through ee it must be something to do with that as i said i can acess from my friends houses no problem and also from work there must be something blocking it on my rooter i guess

Are you trying to access your MyCloud from your PC on your home network or from your PC on a remote network?

Hi davblo from my pc on a remote network

Is the PC fixed or have you been able to try it on another network like your friend’s for example?

It works fine on another network

So it looks like the problem lies in the EE network as you said. If you google “EE block port 443” you can see others have suspected that port 443 and VPN is not working as well as expected with EE. There is also mention of tools you can use to check connectivity on various ports - although I haven’t tried them myself.

I’ve checked the ports and they say there opening

Another way I access my MyCloudMirror remotely is via the http interface.

You have to make sure “Dashboard Cloud Access” is enabled in “Settings”, “General”, “Cloud Access”.

Also you have to know the public IP address of your router which your MyCouldMirror is connected to.

Then if you open that address in a web browser on your PC you should reach the web interface.

You can log in two ways - either as Admin to change configuration settings and check status, or as one of the authorised share users, then you will get a file browser interface which would enable you to upload or download files.

This method does not depend on WD servers at all. It would not be a final solution but maybe a step in the right direction in figuring what is going wrong.

Thanks for that I’ll give it a try.:smiley:

Or if you want a similar but more general route, enable WebDAV on your MCM, forward the relevant ports on your router (by default 8080 for normal http and 4443 for secure https if I remember correctly, but you can configure it on the MCM) and then use a suitable WebDAV client to access those ports via your router’s public IP address.

You can then access the WebDAV enabled shares directly and work with them in much the same way as you would on your local network. Some OS’s have the clients built-in, others need them to be added as separate programs.