No Connection after new provider

Well I had Comcast at first and it worked flawlessly and now that I changed my provider to Fios it will no longer connect to the internet. I am connecting through an Ethernet cable. The only way I can get it to read my servers is by manually entering a IP address, but that will not allow me to get on Netflix or Pandora. Pandora says that, that IP address is not allowed and it is only for US people, which I am in Maryland. I was wondering if there is anyone that can help me with this because I just bought this about 2 weeks ago >.< Thank you in advance!

Just FYI, that error you’re getting saying that you don’t live in the US is just another symptom of it not being able to get to the net.

In other words, they’re using the error message in the wrong context.

I use FIOS 40/40 and I don’t have any particular connectivity issues.   Do you have the ActionTec MI424-WR router?

So when you try to do AUTOMATIC IP ADDRESS, does it then come up with one of the 169.x.x.x. addresses? 

If so, then it sounds like you have DHCP configured incorrectly on the router.

Do other boxes in your house use DHCP?  If so, confirm they’re all working?

I’m actually using that exact model and it does asign that IP address to it. Everything else that is connected to it works. I have about 4 other laptops, 3 iTouch, PS3 and printers and they work fine. You think you could walk me through to fixing this? I have 25/25 with Fios.

I wish I could!   At least, for me, there wasn’t any magic required to get it to work…  

Have you been changing firewall configs or at all changing the configuration in the ActionTec?

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Only thing I changed was the name of of the router and password, think I should just reset everything and leave at default? I never did try it with the default settings.