No Connected Devices after reboot on Windows 10 Laptop

Windows 10 x86_64
My Book (exFat)
My Passport (NTFS - Locked)

Reboot Windows 10 with both drives connected via USB and WD Discovery does not see my drives.
Launch Drive Utilities and both are visible.

Unlocked the Passport and issue remains

After some troubleshooting and some reboots…

I get this error when I connect My Passport drive and it shows up as RAW in Disk Manager.
Now WD Discovery will not detect any drive that I attache to this PC.


On Windows 10 (probably all Windows) if the user modifies and ONLY Disables the “WD Discovery Utilities Helper” back ground process and leave “WD Discovery” Enabled, a reinstall of WD Discovery does not change the user settings. WD Discovery does not “force” the WD Drive Utilities Helper" to run when WD Discovery itself is started
even though WD Discovery IS the main program.

A complete reinstall of WD Discovery does not resolve the issue.


An improvement would be to have WD Discovery Enable the WD Drive Utilities Helper whenever there’s an installation or upgrade to WD Discovery software.

As an end user, I wonder why we have so many processes running. Surely this can be consolidated into one and be far less confrontational to the end user. I realize this may be out of scope for the project, but for the end users, this should be within scope of a project of some type.