No Cloud Functionality

We DO wish you all the luck in getting this device to work.  :wink:

You always have the option for a RMA as a last resort … if it isn’t working now, what do you have to lose other than the time it takes to restore all your files and set everything up again.

You could get a Synology or QNAP and pull the HDD out of the My Cloud and use it. I know that is more money, that we all don’t have … again, what are our choices?

My Son-In-Law uses Ableton Live and VirtualDJ, he wanted to get a My Cloud for storage and streaming. I talked him out of it because of all the issues I have.

 I don`t really seem to  have a lot of choice because I lose access completely, (on the PC too it just hangs to a white screen).

How long did you give the indexing & thumbnailing to run?  We’re not joking when we say it might need days.

If you just use the drive for backup, and don’t need live access to it, then why not give it a week to settle down?  It’s a one-off task, and when you add new media, it will only need to do a delta.

Or take our advice and disable the troublesome services?  It’s pretty straightforward to do.

A full factory restore will take days, so be warned on that. Plenty of threads discussing that.

If you do choose this route, I’d urge you to kill thge indexing & thumbnailing tasks before you start transferring music.

It will take a few days to copy your media onto it.

Apologies for the egg-sucking advice on genres (well, it is Easter). You obviously have a good handle on how you work, which may be different to how an ordinary music collector/player works.

And yes, we do wish you luck…

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@ ffsffsffs 

I totally agree with  cpt_paranoia about letting your MC settle down / in to what you’re attempting. 

I had all sorts of symptoms in the beginning (about one month ago) that miraculously cleared themselves by setting up one activity at a time, in my case I wanted a single point backup for my home so I proceeded as follows:

  • Installed a 10/100/1000 switch so I could physically connect each devide one at a time for it’s first backup
  • Disabled cloud access and media sharing
  • After all my Linux machines were successfully working with MC started on Windows 7
  • After Windows 7 was working connected My Book Studio (formatted ext4) and created a safepoint
  • After successful safepoint configured Mac Book Pro Time Machine
  • Turned on autoupdate for safepoint to occur at 3am
  • Eventually decided that having a safepoint backup my computer backups was redundant and configfured most backups to My Book Studio
  • Retired a 1TB ESATA drive and moved all it’s files to MC and now use it for shared data for all computers.

I strongly :wink:suggest that you pick the one that’s most important to you and let if finish and then move onto the next most important.

Thanks for the advice , Ill take it to heed. Time I have plenty of so Ill just put this on a back burner for now and do things  1 at a time as per your advice. Ill look at this thread in a couple of weeks and report back after Ive tried all you suggest and given it plenty of time.

Ive now bought a standard USB drive (not WD coff,coff),and its happily connected to my router and working beautifully.

Ive now bought a standard USB drive (not WD coff,coff),and its happily connected to my router and working beautifully.

That’s great news. What router is it, and was it difficult to set up? The only downside with my Technicolor is it can’t support NTFS; says that’s an optional feature that’s obviously not provided by my ISP. Otherwise, I just connected it, flipped a couple of router settings and bingo! I had a NFS and media server provided by my router…

Its a Netgear WNDR3700v4  and Im using its “Readyshare” function, its exceptionally easy to set up & even has its own media server. All I did really was plug in the USB drive and enable the media server, all the configuration is displayed with urls/IPs etc shown with the port numbers. I have HTTP  FTP and network access and it supports NTFS.

The Netgear has a very clear interface and is sooooo well planned out with its layout. Port forwarding and every variation  you can think of with config is easy peasy, its also exceptionally stable and reliable. Very happy with it.