No chapters and position memory on MKV bluray rip done with Pavtube Bytecopy

Hello all,

When I try to play a bluray rip done with Pavtube Bytecopy, I can’t seem to be able to skip to different chapter. In VLC player on my computer there are chapters.

Additionally, when I stop the movie and load the MKV file again, it starts from the beginning and not remembering where I left off like it does with DVD rips done with MakeMKV.

Any idea why this happens?

If you’re trying to skip chapters using “Prev” and “Next”, then no, it doesn’t do that… you need to choose the chapter with the “Option” button.

Can these .mkv files be Fast Forwarded and Rewound?

By selecting the chapter dialog from the options, nothing happens.

Please post the TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for your MKV file.