No butten respons

I just bougt a WD ShareSpace 4tb (used) and reset to factory settings i the menu but it stopt and after about one hour i pull the pluck.

Now i cant do anything, eihter power or reset butten respon with or without disk in it, the only way turn it on/off is pull the pluck.

I dont have any data i need to save on it but would like to get it to work if i havent kill it :-/

When i pluck it in (the first attempts) the disk led´s was flashing green like forever.


Green-Yellow-Yellow-Yellow-Yellow-Off-Blue-Off for 10sec then Green and the rest Off forever.

Power butten (4sek) no respon at all - Reset button (7/14sec) no respon at all.

Can anybody help me :frowning:

I’d suggest you to call the guy that sold you that SS…