No blue lights on World book... can I swap drive into new housing to retrieve data?

Hi… can anyone help with this?

I have just had my World Book 1TB die after being switched off for a few days, it hasn’t come back up: no lights, low level clicking.  Having had no earlier problems i reckon this might be the driver controller hardware in the casing, not the drive itself?

Reading other threads there seems little hope of recovering the data from the drive (which WAS backed up until my MAXTOR drive failed a couple of weeks ago… hellfire and damnation!..): but what about taking it out, buying a new WD World drive and substituting the old drive into the new housing?  Anyone tried that?  Expensive but reasonable compared with losing my ripped CD collection (and other stuff) or going to a data recovery firm…

I 'm not sure that replacing the case will work with those units… Those units have a specific firmware information to link with the case that you are using… I heard that the firmware is unique for each one of the drives