No Blue light on WDmycloud device

There is no blue light showing on mycloud device. Did reset cycled through whit constant white flashing white constant then no light. Did quick test from dashboard - all OK. Did full test (took several hours)- all OK.
I am still struggling to learn how to use MyCloud
. Back up seems to be working OK but my confidence is shaken because of missin Blue LED. Am I safe?


Usually a missing blue light means that there is no access to the drive, but as long as you have access to the dashboard, then the Cloud is working fine.

Thankyou Feragui, that’s reassuring

You can try to ssh into the device then type:

cat /tmp/led_status

If that command returns:


perhaps something is wrong with the led but your device should be good.

What if there are no lights at all in the front, only light working is the green one where you connect the ethernet cable. I can’t access the dashboard anymore but I can feel the drive spinning.

There is an option in the dashboard to turn the front led off.

Thanks hashashin, but regret I am still a novice. What is ssh , how do I ssh into the device and where would I find cat?

Thanks rac8006. Can you please tell me what section of the dashboard will I find the option?

Its under settings/general near the bottom.

Many thanks again rac8006. I found it settings/general under energy saver and the LEDs are shown as on.