No Blu-ray?

Is anyone streaming blu-ray and if so are there any known issues or tips you could offer?

I have accessed a Blu ray ISO that was located on a NAS (BBC’s Frozen Plant). I used a wired connection over a pair of PowerLine AV 200 devices. Quality-wise it was ‘OK’. There seemed to be a slight juddering of the picture. What I do now is use a directly connected HD (My Book Essential) and that is fine. No perceptible picture issues.

Opening the file to start with and skipping to positions in the file can be a little slow, but nothing that can’t be lived with.

I’ve also used ‘MakeMKV’ to create a single file for playback which solves the issues of   seamless branching.

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Do menus seem to work ok? I read on another thread that blu-ray menus don’t work.

I don’t do blu ray but the player is designed for them and many users do stream ripped blu rays. There are no menus however.

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Yes, blu-ray streams work fine.  No, you can’t use BD menus.

I suggest encoding BD to mkv using Handbrake because ISO’s will take up a lot space very quickly and you will save about half the space, or more, of original size of the BD with Handbrake encoded mkvs & still have pretty much the same quality.

However, after you create the HB mkv you will have to run it through mkvmerge to covert the writing library because the SMP has a bug right now where it can’t handle the newer writing library of HB.


Thanks for the responses. I guess the lack of menus isn’t a big deal for movies just tv series since you wouldn’t be able to choose episodes. I’ll give handbrake a try.

If you want to retain ABSOLUTE Blu ray quality then have a look at ‘MakeMKV’, though watch out for how much disk space you’ll consume.

Splitting TV series into individual episodes, using HB or MakeMKV, will allow you to choose which program you want to watch.

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