"No Backup Targets Found"

I just purchased a 6TB external drive (WDBBG) for my W10 computer, and installed WD Discovery (v 3.2.256), including the backup program. The My Book device is recognized by the computer (D:). I have also done the latest firmware update from WD. The Drive Utilities program runs fine. When attempting to run the backup program, it starts to run and then reports “No backup targets found”. Have changed the USB cable - still no luck. Have reinstalled several times - same result. What is going on and how to fix?? Thanks.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem. This is nuts!! I’ve jumped through the hoops but still have the “No backup target found”. What gives?

I’m running WD Backup v1.9.4961 on W10 and it works fine. What version of WD Backup are you guys using? When I unplug my device, WD Backup only give an option to backup to DropBox. I don’t get the message “No backup targets found.”