No backup targets found

I am trying to install WD backup but get a message “No backup targets found” and cant complete the backup and set up my backup plan

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Your first part says you’re trying to Install it and the last sentence half implies it’s installed but WD backup doesn’t see your Drive.

IF Installed I did not see my Drive UNTIL I clk’d – Add a Backup Plan – and THEN the designated Drive Letter appeared on the App main page. I have multi-Drives and often have to > arrow to see the Drive hooked-up to do backup Now or Edit Selected Files to backup…

Actually, starting a backup seems to be part of the install process. If the software can’t find a backup target, it seems like the install doesn’t finish and it’s not actually installed. I have attempted install many times with that result, and there is nothing in the start menu for the program after that happens indicating that it is not installed. I don’t believe you can install it without doing a backup.

I’m having the exact same problem - no backup targets found.
This seems to be the final stage of the WD Backup installation, but it’s just not happening.