No backup targets found

I am trying to install WD backup but get a message “No backup targets found” and cant complete the backup and set up my backup plan

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Your first part says you’re trying to Install it and the last sentence half implies it’s installed but WD backup doesn’t see your Drive.

IF Installed I did not see my Drive UNTIL I clk’d – Add a Backup Plan – and THEN the designated Drive Letter appeared on the App main page. I have multi-Drives and often have to > arrow to see the Drive hooked-up to do backup Now or Edit Selected Files to backup…

Actually, starting a backup seems to be part of the install process. If the software can’t find a backup target, it seems like the install doesn’t finish and it’s not actually installed. I have attempted install many times with that result, and there is nothing in the start menu for the program after that happens indicating that it is not installed. I don’t believe you can install it without doing a backup.

I’m having the exact same problem - no backup targets found.
This seems to be the final stage of the WD Backup installation, but it’s just not happening.

I am having the same problem. Just installed the software for the 1st time and get the same error ‘no backup targets found’

I purchased 4TB in Nov. 2019. I am facing the same problem on my laptop having Windows10. Apps are installed except WDBackup app. This is very annoying and disappointing after several attempts. At the end of the installation, it comes as no target found and if I cancel then the installation is not finished or shown as complete.
I am really disappointing. I have the drive but of no use.

Same or similar problem as others have reported. Purchase 1TB “WD easystore” two days ago to use to backup PC. Running Win7. Installed the WD Discovery program that was included on the drive. It installed the drive utilities and the drive testing program, but when it tried to install the backup program, the system could not find a WD storage device. Today I completely uninstalled the WD apps per the instructions on the Support section of this website; rebooted PC; downloaded the most recent programs from this website, and started over. Same results as before. I tried manually unzipping the files into the WD Discovery folder under the “Program Files (x86)” directory. All unzipped successfully except the WD Backup, which would not unzip in that location. I was able to unzip it into the TEMP folder and tried to run it from there, but again, it could not find a storage device.

Will probably use Windows Backup until this gets resolved or I find a better backup program. Any suggestions?

Did you ever get an answer to how to fix this problem?
I tried to ask a question in the “Ask a question” section but couldn’t send it. It kept saying I needed to identify the operating system, but there wasn’t anywhere to enter that info.
Anyway. I had WD backup on this computer and it somehow was removed. Now to reinstall it and make a back up, I am having the same problem you had. How did you resolve the issue?