No backup target found

I purchased 4TB in Nov. 2019. I am facing problem in WDBackup application installation on my laptop having Windows10. Apps are installed except WDBackup app. This is very annoying and disappointing after several attempts. At the end of the installation, it comes as no target found and if I cancel then the installation is not finished or shown as complete.
I am really disappointing. I have this huge drive but of no use so far!

Try downloading the WD Backup from the WD support page directly and see if that works.

If problem remains, contact the WD Support team directly for help.

Hi jchen

I did the same several times. believe me this is something really annoying. I am still thinking why this is happening, and how the customer is trapped !!!
I removed, installed several times, went through almost all WD community relevant threads, but no solution is given so far.