No 'Backup' option appears in Apps on new MyBook 4TB

I have just bought a 4TB MyBook to back up my Mac running OS10.11.6. I have connected and rebooted etc several times to try and address this issue: The MyBook appears OK in Finder. However when I open the WD software panel, under Apps only Drive Utilities and Security appear, not the expected Backup option. I have contacted WD but received no response. I expect I am missing something basic but any advice on how to access backup and set up a backup process?

WD currently does not have any backup software for Mac. You would need to use Time Machine or whatever Mac backup software you are currently using. Also, if this model is a My Book and not a My Book for Mac, you will need to reformat it for use on the Mac as it is probably formatted in NTFS for Windows which is read only on a Mac and you won’t be able to copy files to it.

Thanks, I had just read the MyBook box which says ‘Compatability with Mac OS X’ without mentioning need to reformat!