No Backup of Outook.pst!

My pst-files on C are not backuped and the error message (if I click on the infosymbol near the message that not all files were backup) is “Path cannot be null”. What means this? How can I backup my standard pst-file (Outloook was not running!) Thanks

I have the same problem too!

THIS IS A HOLY **bleep**

And this people od WD is forgeting us and lettin us alone

There may be issues with Smartware backing up the outlook file.  I had to export the pst file out and manually save it to the external drive.

Has anybody managed to solve this one? I’m also having this problem with a bunch of .pst and .ost files on my laptop. Outlook wasn’t running and I’ve tried with and without enabling the background job. I managed to back up my .pst file a week ago, but after erasing the drive and re-installing the WD software, I now get the “Path cannot be null” error on my pst and ost files.

Downloading the latest firmware and wd software from here fixed this for me: